Official launch of the mobile version of the browser extensions for Chrome MetaMask; now users will be able to go to the Ethereum wallet directly from their smartphones. This was stated by the Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin (Lubin Joseph) on Twitter during the developer conference Devcon.

“All the favorite Ethereum-extension for browsers comes to your smartphone. The team focused its efforts on how to make not just a purse, but a portal to the world of the blockchain,” wrote Lubin, who worked on the MetaMask c 2016.

To date, the MetaMask extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. It is reported that the program has more than a million downloads in the Chrome Web Store. In fact, MetaMask is a decentralized application (dApp), working as a web wallet for Ethereum (ETH) and tokens of the standard ERC-20. The program allows any user to manage the identification. When dApp is going to conduct a transaction, the client is in a safe interface where you can view the transaction to decide to approve it or not.

We will remind that in August the developers MetaMask improved security system, forbidding the application to automatically load a web3 library, which provides access Ethereum, due to the found vulnerabilities.

At the same conference Devcon developer standard ERC-20 presented the concept of the so-called “reversible ICO”. Its essence lies in the fact that investors can recover their funds invested in the ICO at any time. Also at Devcon was made by the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, presenting a roadmap for Ethereum 2.0, however, the date remained unknown.