Chinese company Qihoo 360 working in the field of Internet security, found a number of dangerous vulnerabilities in the blockchain EOS.

These vulnerabilities allow attackers to remotely access any node in the EOS, to create and publish malicious smart contracts, and even give the tokens placed on the blockchain.

Access nodes give hackers unlimited freedom: they can, for example, to declassify key superuse EOS, thereby gaining control of all transactions within the network, and also to obtain user information of the financial and personal nature, including private keys for their wallets.

Qihoo 360 called risk to the blockchain EOS “unprecedented”, called the representatives of the blockchain-industry and cybersecurity experts to continue to pay particular attention to the protective mechanisms of the networks.

The company has contacted representatives of EOS, which is responsible for starting the basic network, and notify them of your study. Qihoo 360 assures that in response, the developers have promised to delay the transition to on mainnet until the problem is rectified.

At the time of writing not been published any official reviews EOS for this reason.

Given the popularity of the token EOS, vulnerabilities represent risks for a significant share of the cryptocurrency market. We will remind that since April the EOS ranks fifth in the world rankings of market capitalization of cryptocurrencies.