In China published a monthly rating of the state of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. The first place it took the cryptocurrency EOS. In second place “World public index the blockchain-technologies” was Ethereum (ETH), but bitcoin (BTC) was not even in the top ten, finishing a modest 17th place out of 30.

The rankings were done by the Chinese centre for the development of the information technology industry (CCID), a part of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In the press release of the centre reported that the group of experts was composed of first-class Chinese experts and scholars. The experts conducted an independent analysis of the cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, ranking them according to several key criteria: technology, utility and innovation. The rating was announced in may, and the reason for its creation was the lack of independent assessment of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

EOS is a relatively new cryptocurrency, which is interesting because it is based on the asynchronous blockchain with smart contracts running in parallel. This means that the system can handle thousands of transactions per second, solving the main problem of cryptocurrency. For it is a technical advantage in processing transactions, reduced transaction costs and network bandwidth EOS and got first place in the ranking.

Experts did not even embarrassed by the recent failures of the project: after starting 15 June, the network had technical problems and the community has criticized it for freezing some accounts.

Recall that in the ranking compiled by the center last month, holder of leading positions were Ethereum and bitcoin took 13-th line.

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