The two largest blockchain-consortium, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and Hyperledger, yesterday announced the beginning of strategic cooperation. The goal of the collaboration is to facilitate and accelerate the pace of mass adoption of blockchain technology in the business sector. Both organizations received mutual membership in the partner consortium.

As a result, EEA and Hyperledger will be able to work together in dozens of directions. Thus, experts Ethereum Alliance, responsible for developing specifications and standards, can transmit the documentation to the programmers Hyperledger for implementation and further testing.

Executive Director Hyperledger Brian Behlendorf (Brian Behlendorf) published in the blog of the consortium is a personal post dedicated to partnering with EEA:

“This is a moment of great opportunity. Cooperation and mutual membership give both organizations more freedom to work together. In addition, members of the Hyperledger developers can also join the EEA and undergo a certification procedure to ensure full compliance of their projects to the requirements of the Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification […] the basis of calibrated standards as verified the source code, so for both organizations, this cooperation is quite natural. Standards, specifications and certifications will allow companies to use the blockchain with more confidence because they will have real proof of functional sovmestimosti their decisions [with the rest of the market], as well as access to many suppliers.”

Earlier EEA and Hyperledger has already led to several joint projects. Earlier this year, the developers Hyperledger Sawtooth has been able to adapt smart contracts for Ethereum networks on the basis of this engine. Sawtooth also uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for transaction processing; later the configuration was added in Hyperledger Fabric.

“Anyone who believed that between Ethereum, and Hyperledger the struggles, you will see that now we can only talk about the PARTNERSHIP Ethereum, and Hyperledger,” he continued, Behlendorf.

The standards referred to them, were submitted to the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance in may this year.

EEA — the fifteenth new member Hyperledger over the past week. Last Thursday it became known about joining the consortium of FedEx and several other organizations.