On Sunday, the cryptocurrency market slipped sharply: total per day total market capitalization decreased by about $48 billion. Half of this amount was lost in just five hours.

Some see this as the consequences of breaking the South Korean stock exchange Coinrail, but the majority still associates the fall with verification of the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) several trading platforms on the subject of price manipulation.

The Commission’s investigation began as a result of the failure Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit Kraken and to provide price data CME Group needed to trade futures on BTC. At the time of writing these exchanges took 13, 8, 39 and 10 respectively.

Today, the first hundred of cryptocurrencies is in the area of decline. As can be seen from the above animation Coin360, most of the market is on the verge of critical losses.

Bitcoin has lost relatively little of 6.42%, and at the time of publication was trading at a rate of ~$6793.

Quotes Ethereum returned to the levels of the beginning of the month, falling significantly below $600. Losing of 6.36%, the cost alithina set at $534.

At the time of publication, the market capitalization amounted to about $298 billion, which indicates a significant decline over the last 30 days capitalization decreased by $142 billion, or 32.5%.

Of the most famous cryptocurrency and token suffered most of all IOTA and EOS, for the last day lost of 8.03% of 15.41%, respectively. EOS is not saved even amid news of the imminent transition to a private blockchain.

Entrepreneur and an ardent supporter of bitcoin Alistair Milne (Alistair Milne) published in his Twitter account a poll on possible reasons for the decline of the market. Judging by the results, Milne and his followers do not connect decrease in quotations with no checks CFTC or burglary Coinrail: the most popular answer was “Aliens” (“Aliens”) which is followed by “the Crypt of the end” (“Crypto iz ded”).

Despite the current “victory” of the bear market, some experts and investors retain confidence in the cryptocurrency. So, Tom Lee (Tom Lee) and Robert Clymer (Robert Sluymer) is still confident that in the foreseeable future, the price of BTC will be $25 000.

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