Decentralized platform for prediction markets Augur reached a new minimum of activity. According to statistics DappRadar, last week the number of daily enjoying the Playground account has reached 60 — though shortly after the release of the application was recorded 265 active accounts. The total number of users of decentralized applications on the Ethereum database slightly more than 1000 accounts.

At the same time, Augur is estimated at $308 million (according CryptoCompare). Some Twitter users expressed concern about the “gap” between the value and actual use of the platform:

“I like Augur and what he represents. BUT! The Protocol is estimated at $308 million, with 64 daily users. This $4.8 million for user”.

Although many industry representatives emphasize that the value of cryptocurrency projects formed on the basis of projected values, the portion still prefers not to make amendments at the early stage of market development:

“[…] In this area is full chichinou with a completely unwarranted costs that will quickly collapse. With that said, Augur has a chance to linger for a long time and offer their investors a profit.”

However, users almost unanimously claim that the problem is a technical problem and inconvenience for users:

“I can’t even log in mainnet”.

“I know so many people who are happy would use Augur every day, but they don’t know how to buy a live/use MetaMask/connect to the node. It should be possible for people to use a platform so that they didn’t even know that your use of the cryptocurrency”.

On the day of release Augur topped the rating of decentralised applications in its category. In the ensuing weeks, the platform has demonstrated steady growth in turnover ETH, exceeding $1 million.

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