The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance invested in a platform for the voting fans of eSports chiliZ. Press release published on the portal contains some details of cooperation, without disclosing, however, the size of the investment.

Note, the chiliZ is a subsidiary of Mediarex Group is a global company established in Malta in 2006 and working in the field of sports and entertainment, and, by the way, Ethereum is a member of the Enterprise Alliance (EEA).

According to a press release, chiliZ already managed to raise $27 million by the current “private placement” — apparently, closed tocancel. According to representatives of the company’s investment Binance “will contribute to the exchange of technical knowledge, innovation and creativity.”

Reportedly, both companies believe that “space video game — $110-billion industry, surpassing the global film and music industry together — will be one of the next major industries that adapt the services based on blockchain”.

In addition, from the point of view of partner companies, and eSports sector blockchain have a common audience in demographic terms we are talking about the “educated, fairly wealthy millennial” that are “always” interested in virtual currencies, and have some experience in the trade of digital assets.

Despite the fact that the platform chiliZ will initially work with teams and leagues representing eSports, subsequently it is planned to begin interacting with the industry is a traditional sport and develop its teams of “ecosystem token-driven fans.”

Recall that “bridge the gap” between traditional sports and e-Commerce industry is already struggling American football League, cooperating with famous crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. As for the new project chiliZ, according to CEO Binance Canina Zhao (Changpeng Zhao), better known as cryptosuite CZ platform is the “creative way to implement blockchain technology aimed at creating tools and services for its wide adaptation” in industries characterized by significant growth.

In turn, chiliZ CEO Alexander Dreyfus (Alexandre Dreyfus) noted that support Binance will help the team chiliZ to realize the concept on a global scale.

“Significant investment in Binance chiliZ will strengthen our current proposal for private placement and will help us move faster. […] I am also very glad that Binance is now based in Malta, where we can share resources, resulting in a closer strategic partnership,” said Dreyfus.

In response to a tweet Dreyfus, in which he told about the investment, CEO Binance wrote:

“Thank you for such a great help Binance! It’s the least we could do. Congratulations!”

Recall that in March this year it became known about the transfer of the headquarters of the Binance, at the moment occupies the first position in trading volume 24 hours, in Malta.

Last week Binance also announced plans to create a $1-billion cription to Finance the blockchain-related startups.