Thomson Reuters has changed the data provider on the cryptocurrency market; the new provider becomes an aggregator CryptoCompare. Under the cooperation Reuters has extended its information package financial data to include an additional 50 tokens.

Under the agreement, CryptoCompare will collect information about the portfolios, the volume and dynamics of trading on the “robust” exchanges, which Reuters then distributed among his customers through their platform Eikon. As noted in the press release, this will provide institutional investors “reliable analysis” of the market digital assets, allowing them to predict market fluctuations “with high probability”.

Sam Chadwick (Sam Chadwick), Director of the strategy Department Reuters in innovation and blockchain said

“Despite the fall in the prices of many popular cryptocurrencies in 2018, we see a growing demand from clients to cover the main assets. […] Thanks to this cooperation, the data on emerging market are displayed along with other categories of assets, providing our customers with a more in-depth review of the situation on the stock exchanges with Eikon”.

The company also noted that it maintained working relationships with CryptoCompare in 2016, after the startup has demonstrated its system to London HackETHon.

The information Agency also has its own analytical tool to collect data about the cryptocurrency. Officially used since March, Thomson Reuters Cryptocurrency Sentiment MarketPsych Indices (TRMI 3.1) is viewing in real time 2000 news sites and 800 social networks, taking a potential news occasions by keywords (for example “BTC”).

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