Customers of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox will be able to issue requests for rehabilitation of their investments. About the formal beginning of the process we learned from yesterday’s announcement, published on the official website of the exchange.

To simplify the process yesterday was activated a special online system for the storage and processing of the documents confirming the right of creditors to repayment of the lost funds in cryptocurrency. Overseeing and ensuring the platform’s work entrusted to the Trustee of the funds Mt. Gox, the Tokyo Prosecutor, Nobuaki Kobayashi (Nobuaki Kobayashi).

In the case that users will experience difficulties with the system, the claim and its justification can also be sent by mail.

The decision to return to civilian rehabilitation was adopted by the district court of Tokyo on June 22 of this year by results of consideration of the corresponding petition creditors.

Unlike the standard process of liquidation, rehabilitation does not necessarily output in the local Fiat currency. Thus, early investments by clients of Mt. Gox needs to repeatedly pay off (taking into account the difference between quotations BTC in 2014 now). Lawyers Mt. Gox announced that total will be paid 160 000 168 000 BTC and BCH.

Mt. Gox went bankrupt 4 years ago due to hacking and subsequent theft of more than 744 000 BTC. Most of the remaining funds of the stock exchange was abolished, which had a negative impact on the market. On return to civilian rehabilitation insisted not only creditors, but also former CEO of Mt. Gox Mark Karpeles (Mark Karpeles).