Head of business unit market strategies Ripple Cory Johnson (Cory Johnson) gave an explanation to the high growth rate of the company. In a short interview posted on Twitter by user Steven Diep, Johnson said that the underlying technology XRP is better than chain of bitcoin.

Arguments in favor of their position, chief strategist Ripple elaborated on the specific settings in which XRP is superior to BTC. First of all, said Johnson, is the network bandwidth:

“[The blockchain] Bitcoin really limited in the volume of transactions it can handle per hour. What to say about the minute-by-minute volume […] Speed XRP to 1500 operations per second”.

As Johnson explained, a high rate of speed of transaction processing is critical to mass adoption of the asset and scalability of the network in the future. The second key feature, from his point of view, is energy efficiency network:

“Mining is an incredibly expensive and energy intensive [class]. And then, as uneven development between the miners […] at the moment 80% of BTC generated in China. Network the XRP mining is not provided”.

Speaking of competing assets, Johnson noted that bitcoin provides “absolutely” weak. However, he did not give any unambiguous assessment of Stellar:

“Stellar was designed by one of the founders of our company, one of the founders XRP. I don’t have any clear opinion about this startup. I mean, he’s a smart guy, but it’s really a difficult task to organize a big business-using digital assets. Many companies build their solutions on the basis of XRP, I don’t know whether someone with Stellar Lumens, except for the Stellar”.

Perhaps the question about Stellar was raised in connection with the rumors about the upcoming joint project of two companies: recently, Twitter users have discovered that the purse Stellar CEO jed McCaleb (Jed McCaleb) was translated about 41 million XRP.