Head of business unit market strategies Ripple Cory Johnson (Cory Johnson) spoke in detail about the company’s plans to transform the infrastructure of online payments. In an interview with Techonomy Johnson said that RippleNet, in fact, is dedicated to the payment layer of the Internet that were not initially implemented.

As an example, he cited a hypothetical transfer from Thailand to the USA using xRapid. Such an operation, said Johnson, should only take a few minutes:

“This is how it happens: one financial institution sends the request to another: “We want to send $1000 in Thai baht in the US right now. The end result is “X” dollars. You don’t mind? Click “Yes””. Boom. And it takes a minute or two. We believe that the Internet has no as such level of payments. And we are working on a separate Internet just for these purposes. We called it RippleNet”.

During the conversation about the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-industry in General Johnson suggested that in the future many companies will use the technology, but at the moment the Ripple is the undisputed leader:

“While the blockchain in the beginning, but we are probably the most advanced company in the industry. We have over 100 paying customers. We provide turnover exceeding a billion dollars within our network. We set the new payment corridors. I joined the company nine months ago, and then we were closing approximately one transaction in six weeks. Now we sign the agreement, one in six days… I believe that business will increasingly use the blockchain and even digital assets and cryptocurrencies, no matter how they are called, for various technological solutions. Just still too early.”

Ambitious Cory Johnson partly confirm the words of the CEO of Ripple Garlinghouse brad (Brad Garlinghouse). In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the businessman denied rumors of a collaboration with SWIFT, and also stressed that Ripple is going to take the place of the payment system in the market.