CoinMarketCap invited users to share their opinion on the possibility to vote for the cryptocurrencies for inclusion in the listing. The survey is published on the company’s page in Twitter.

“Whether you are interested in the opportunity to vote for projects and exchanges, thus determining the ones that will get listed on CoinMarketCap?

  • Of course!
  • No way.
  • I see no reason”.

As you know, in the beginning of the year popular the website is criticized, being accused of providing false information and inflates the cost of the so-called shit-all coin.

In particular, we are talking about the article on the website Medium, subsequently remote, which allegedly discussed the details of the process with many of the creators of coin, stating that in the listing CoinMarketCap digital currency fall is not instantaneous.

They reported that between application for inclusion Coyne in the listing and when he finally gets to a site that takes an unnecessarily long time, which suggests that the people running the website have information “first hand” about what coin will be pumped and cause a “shopping spree”. As noted by the authors, a review of which was presented at the Crypto portal-News India, CMC can manipulate public opinion, distorting the data on trading volume and providing a coin place on the main page of the site.

Another alarming aspect is the assumption that CoinMarketCap has worked an impressive number of system pump-and-dump, even without the knowledge of the creators of the coins. Crypto-News India highlights: in certain cases, a CMC could mean a very high level of the indicator “Circulating supply of” a certain Coyne (approx. the number of coins in circulation), thus increasing its market capitalization, and then sharply lower.

It seems that after a few months CoinMarketCap decided to take into account all these accusations, making the process more transparent.

At the time of publication of the article voted more than 5 900 users, of which 62% approved of the idea. The developers of the site also added that over the next two months will present its Android app, asking users to be patient.

We will remind, in July it became known that the CMC will change the ranking algorithm of the cryptocurrency exchanges.