Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the start of work on six new European markets. On Thursday trading on the exchange opened in Iceland, Lithuania, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Andorra and the Isle of man. In total, these markets will provide Coinbase around 3.4 million potential customers.

In its corporate blog, the company clarified that not all sites will be available in these areas:

“New customers […] will be able to fully use and our apps for iOS and Android that for the first time will allow them to buy and sell cryptocurrency. We hope eventually to launch in these regions Coinbase Pro and Prime”.

The exchange also briefly mentioned their plans for next year:

“Next year we will continue to actively explore new markets and open new trades assets on a platform Coinbase to satisfy user requests. Cryptocurrency is by nature global, and we believe that they should not be borders. Our mission is to provide access to cryptocurrencies to everyone, regardless of their location.”

Coinbase has already started to implement plans to expand trading options. Last week on the stock exchange has a new trading pair with bitcoin as a secondary currency, and expanded portfolio available tokens on the basis of Ethereum.