American cryptocurrency exchange does Coinbase recently developed an automated tool zoom security available to the public.

As reported in the blog the developer, led by Julian (Julian Borrey), Salus program, named after the Roman goddess of security and well — being, can automatically choose to startup and configuration of various security scanners and issue a report with the results.

It is expected that the advantage of the program, is now available on GitHub as open source tool, is the ability to coordinate the security verification of a large number of stores software centrally, avoiding the need to configure the scanner for each individual project.

According to the statement, this also means that when you make major changes in the system settings of the scanners the security update that is provided for deployment in all stores, can be made centrally within Salus.

Coinbase explains that uses a combination of code reviews by humans and automatic scans, in order to secure confidence: manufacturing solutions “robust as possible”. It should be noted, according to the developers, Salus, and was created by Coinbase in order to fill the gap in resources available to the team.

In addition, the report says that the software is open source often involves the presence of code security scanners that can “tremendously improve the level of security”:

“These tools help us to move faster, and we are incredibly grateful for these efforts open source. It was in the same spirit as when Coinbase started with his Foundation, open source — as a sign of gratitude for the work that focuses on the whole community”.

Currently, Coinbase uses the tool to coordinate security scanners among all their services.

“This helps us to ensure the implementation of security policies for each change made to the codebase, and allows you to sure — there’s a quick feedback loop with the developer in relation to potential vulnerabilities,” wrote Borri.

Recall that in early October, the exchange also introduced a system of speeding up the processing of bitcoin transactions.