Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the launch of a plugin for e-Commerce platform WooCommerce. As reported in the company blog, the solution will allow merchants from all over the world to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

“We have worked hard over the last three weeks and are pleased to announce the launch of WooCommerce, as well as several other new features,” reads the statement of the exchange.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-Commerce platforms on the Internet. It is well integrated with the content management system WordPress, which uses 30% of all websites. According to the blog, the platform has about 28% of the total online stores in the world. In turn, the developers of WooCommerce on the official website report that during its existence the software has been downloaded nearly 50 million times. And now, says Coinbase, all merchants using the system, “payments in bitcoin from customers around the world.”

“This expanded access will lead to wider dissemination and, ultimately, brings us closer to our goal to create an open financial system,” adds the team exchange.

According to the report, plug-in together with step by step instructions that describes the process of adding functions to WordPress, can be found on Github. Developers count on the fact that most online stores will soon begin to accept crypto-payments: the algorithm is simple.

Furthermore, additional functionality developers Coinbase allows you to send bitcoin and litecoin directly with the stock exchange platform for e-Commerce Coinbase Commerce. In the future we plan to support Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

The exchange emphasizes the decentralized nature of work payments made through Coinbase Commerce: the customer funds are sent from cryptocurrency wallets merchant.

“This means that merchants never have to pay transaction fees for making payments and always retain full control over their funds,” write the developers.

Note, the exchange has added the ability to make deposits and withdrawals in pounds sterling (GBP) — now Coinbase customers from the UK are not required to transfer money in Euro (EUR), losing time and money.

In addition, over the weekend it became known that the exchange is considering the integration of 37 new cryptocurrencies on its platform to store digital assets of institutional investors Coinbase Custody, launched just a month ago.

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