Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched a platform for OTC trading (OTC). About this yesterday in an interview with the online edition of the Cheddar was told by the head of sales Christine Sandler Coinbase (Christine Sandler).

OTC-service started without any prior announcement and, as admitted herself Sandler, solely from the “opportunistic” reasons. The main motivator for Coinbase became the growing demand among clients. Sandler added:

“We found that many investment companies use the OTC trade as the entry point into the cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, we concluded that our clients can benefit from trading on the stock exchange and outside it. We [in this process] are only intermediaries and we expect to expand the service by adding the deferred payments, and integration with our custody platform”.

OTC-platform Coinbase is only available to Coinbase customers Prime, that is, financial institutions interested in trade with business funds. At the same time, unlike similar OTC, Coinbase has no plans to participate in OTC trading, and will only automatically establish a connection between the makers and the interested buyers.

Discussing with the interviewer Cheddar current negative trend, Sandler emphasized the positive aspects:

“The decline really is not out of the heads of many. Our clients, working primarily with the cryptocurrency, saying that nothing has changed in terms of the value of technology and that they continue to believe in cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Therefore, it seems to me, with all the current volatility, there is a positive, as the cryptocurrency remains the main theme of the major financial publications in the last few weeks.”

For the first time about the possibility of opening the OTC platform was announced in June, chief operating officer of Coinbase Asif Hirji (Asiff Hirji), but then it was a hypothetical situation, which he cited as one of the prospects of a startup after receiving the license of a broker-dealer in the United States.