Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange completed listing Ethereum Classic on its platform for individual traders Coinbase Pro. The token will be traded in three pairs: ETC-USD, ETC-ETC and BTC-EUR.

In the announcement of listing in the Coinbase blog States that the process will take place in four stages: translations only publication of orders the auction is limited and full mode.

Senior Manager-Coinbase Pro David Farmer (David Farmer) added:

“We plan to add support for ETC once we establish sufficient liquidity [alithina]. According to our estimates, this will happen within one to two weeks after the opening of trading on Coinbase Pro”.

He also said that every trading pair will undergo stages of transition to full trade independently of the others:

“If at any stage one of the new portfolios will not meet our criteria of a healthy and orderly market, we temporarily hold the portfolio at some stage or halt trading according to our trading Rules”.

In the same blog post, the exchange announced an increase of daily limit for the purchase of cryptocurrency and instant access to trading after transfer of funds from your Bank account to your new account.

On Monday it became known about the release of Coinbase special commercial plugin for WooCommerce platform that allows any business working with that facility to accept payment in cryptocurrency.

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