Press Secretary of the crypto currency exchange Coinbase Rachel Horwitz (Rachael Horwitz) has denied information about the approval of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) the acquisition of Keystone Capital Corp., Venovate Marketplace Inc. and Digital Wealth LLC. In his statement, obtained by Bloomberg reporter yesterday, Horwitz said that the exchange has not received the approval of the Department and, moreover, it never needed it.

Horwitz explained:

“For applications for transfer of control of the company the approval of SEC is required. Coinbase has discussed the proposed action plan, including the absorption of Keystone, in an informal setting with multiple employees SEC.”

We will remind that on Monday, neither the SEC nor regulatory authority financial industry (FINRA) has not commented on the news of the allegedly approved the Coinbase transactions. At the time of the publication of the Commission also have not made any statements about refutation of the information; according to Bloomberg, a representative of FINRA from comments abstained.

The acquisition of these companies will allow Coinbase to open the bidding tokens, which from the point of view of the laws of the United States are considered as securities, as well as conduct broker and dealer activities under the control of Federal authorities. Another representative of the exchange, whose application Bloomberg also received Tuesday, by contrast, confirmed the matching transactions with the financial supervision authorities:

“To obtain approval for the acquisition of licensed businesses is another step to give our customers the opportunity to trade security tokens on our platform. It will take many more such steps and discussions with the regulators to complete the path to this goal.”

Confusion statements caused a negative reaction of the community. In one of the relevant subreddits user under the name dreampsi noted(a):

“I think someone who was not authorized to make statements, yet made it and is now trying to fix it. Or… Trying to manipulate the market through misinformation”.

The situation unfolds against the backdrop of news about a possible listing of five new assets on Coinbase: zcash for, Cardano, 0x, Stellar Attention and Basic Token. Internal contradictions only increase the skepticism about the implementation of the plan: representatives of the exchange said that the addition of new tokens may not happen.

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