Yesterday, Coinbase announced on their blog about the planned listing Ethereum Classic. As a result, the price of a token increased by 24% and established at $15,70 after small adjustments.

Coinbase says that now its technical experts have started work on implementation of an asset, noting that in this period, the exchange may receive the public API. The company also explained the importance of the appearance of the ETC for each of their products. In particular, users were interested in data on reserves of ETH held at GDAX to conduct hard forks in Ethereum Classic in 2016. Coinbase has promised to reimburse lost amounts ETC.

Coinbase also said that the listing will take place in two stages, with the possible fixings, and reiterated that the asset may not be available on the “basic” platform:

“Coinbase joins a new assets only after Coinbase Pro and Prime. After the evaluation of indicators such as liquidity, stability of quotes and other metrics of the health of the market, we will probably choose to add Ethereum Classic on Coinbase. It bears repeating that Markets Coinbase, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro Prime will probably have a wider range of assets than the Coinbase, i.e. listing on Coinbase Markets does not guarantee a listing on Coinbase”.

Ethereum Classic rose significantly early in the year: in January, the value of the asset was $47. However, over the past 30 days, how many other cryptocurrencies, ETC lost. Only for last Sunday, during mass recession, the prices of the asset decreased by $2. Experts connect an event with news of the Commission on trade in commodity futures the US cryptocurrency exchanges on the subject of price manipulation.

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