Two major cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Binance, announced support for future hard forks of Bitcoin Cash. Upgrade scheduled for November 15.

Public announcement due to the conflict between integration developers BCH Bitcoin ABC and nChain, center for research and development in the field of blockchain technology. Scientific Director nChain, Dr Craig Wright (Craig Wright), does not agree with the changes that will be activated in parallel with hardforum. Wright has published a counter-offer — new customer Cash Bitcoin, Satoshi Vision. In this case, the parties to the conflict have approximately equal shares in mining output.

Binance stated that he will continue bidding BCH, last Friday, November 2; however, all operations on the stock exchange will be suspended for 1-2 hours to activate the updates. A few hours before its support was announced by the manufacturer of the hardware of cryptocurrency wallets Ledger. The company intends to integrate the fork with the highest production and stability.

Coinbase, in turn, expressed its intention to adhere to the official long-term plan Bitcoin Cash. The exchange also cautioned its clients about the suspension of operations with BCH to upgrade; in addition, Coinbase will monitor the progress of upgrade and to report on the status of your network:

“We will inform our clients about how the process of updates as well as on the results of the fork, once the network reaches consensus. If after the fork both circuits will remain fully active, Coinbase will provide its customers access to their funds held in each of them.”

This hardwork does not imply a change of the privacy protocols, despite the high demand for increased anonymity of transactions in the BCH. In October on Github, published the concept FOR Bitcoin for Cash using two types of algorithm mixing, whereby the anonymity of the parties. The project is still under consideration by the community.