American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase “considering” adding support for 5 new alithinou.

According to the statement in the blog exchange, it is planned active interaction with banks and regulators to study the possibility of integration Cardano (ADA), Basic token attention (BAT), Stellar (XLM), zcash for (ZEC) and 0x (ZRX) on multiple platforms Coinbase “maximum number of jurisdictions”.

It is worth noting that the company chose to give publicity to the decision once it has been taken to reduce the potential impact on the market and to avoid accusations of insider trading.

Coinbase said that the timing of the integration of new all coin has not yet been determined. In addition, some of them may in the end have limited support or are not to be presented in jurisdictions with more stringent restrictions. It is also likely that some tokens may appear in the listing of platforms other jurisdictions earlier than in the United States.

As noted by the representatives of the exchange, the company cannot guarantee that all of them will be available for trading.

“Moreover, for some assets the process of listing on our platform may fail because they are available to consumers, exclusively for buying and selling, without the ability to send and receive using vnutriorgannogo wallet,” writes the Coinbase team.

Considered and special conditions, which requires working with zcash for anonymous cryptocurrency: it is likely that the exchange will only interact with users with “transparent”.

Despite many reservations, oldoini mentioned Coinbase as expected, began to rise in price immediately after the publication of the statement. In the ranking of the top 100 cryptocurrencies assets among the seven tokens, showing the best score for the day.

Interestingly, the winner was 0x, reached the figure of $1.07: the increase was about 30%. BAT token ecosystem Brave, showed an increase of more than 22%, its cost made up of $0.33. The three locked zcash for the rate which jumped to $186, demonstrating a 21% growth.

As for Cardano and Stellar, their value since the announcement increased by 15 and 17%, respectively. Less significant indicators, although it should not be forgotten that of these tokens have a market capitalization of over $3 billion, while the third largest cryptocurrency zcash for is estimated at $762 million

We will remind, today in listing is represented Coinbase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin cash. Exchange has already announced support for Ethereum classic token standard ERC-20, of which BAT and 0x, apparently, will be the first. In addition, the company declared intention to obtain a banking license, as well as the status of the broker-dealer is required to operate the assets, which are classified by U.S. regulators as securities.

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