The largest North American derivatives trading CME Group in conjunction with the British service trade, digital assets, Crypto Facilities launches the reference rate and the index of the Ethereum ether-dollar calculated in real-time.

According to a press release published on Monday, CME Group will provide “daily reference price in U.S. dollars” every 24 hours, and the price in real time “on the basis of transactions and activity in the books of orders” cryptocurrency exchanges Kraken and Bitstamp.

Courses are already available on the websites of the CME Group and Crypto Facilities, and on June 4, they will also begin to appear on the platform market data CME Group. In his statement, managing Director of CME Group and global head of equity products and alternative investments Tim McCourt (Tim McCourt) said:

“Reference rate of air and the index calculated in real time, designed to meet the changing needs of this market. Ensuring price transparency and reliable source of reference prices is a key event for users of Ethereum”.

CEO Timo Shlafer (Timo Schlaefer) added:

“Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency in 2017 faced tremendous growth and wide spread, becoming the leading bloccano for smart contracts. We are pleased to contribute to the community that has formed around Ethereum, providing a reliable reference price and the exchange rate of the ether-dollar in real time.”

The new indices will be monitored by the Committee on oversight of bitcoin, formed CME Group, Crypto Facilities, and other industry representatives. In a press release said that the Committee “will regularly review the methodologies, practices and standards to ensure the objectivity stakes-a guide”.

Recall that a few days ago, a British trading platform Crypto Facilities has launched futures contracts on Ethereum. According to representatives of the startup, is the first futures on bitcoin-based blockchain Еthereum, which will be traded on an adjustable platform.

It should be noted that Crypto Facilities also provides CME Group rate-a benchmark for calculations in their futures bitcoin.