Yesterday, the startup Circle launched full version of its app for kryptonsite called Circle Invest.

We will remind that about creation of application-oriented investors Circle announced last November, and in March the company conducted a “soft launch” of the product in 46 U.S. States.

According to the senior product Manager Circle Rachel Mayer (Rachel Mayer), one of the functions that became available on Tuesday — focused on new users of the function “Buy the Market” that allows you to make a purchase at the market price.

“Tool “Buy the Market” is the culmination of all the work that we have done since the soft launch. He tries to solve the problems of investors-beginners, who do not know how much to invest, where and why. “Buy the Market” is a very simple way to invest in seven assets available to Invest Circle. You choose the funds in which you want to invest, and we do the rest. We automatically diversified amount between Konami, which you can purchase instantly,” explained Mayer.

According to Meyer, Circle Invest will label assets by 1 percent, when users buy or sell a certain cryptocurrency, however, the Commission is to take will not, unlike other trading platforms that charge as allowance and Commission.

We will add that in the app Circle Invest available such main cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic, and in the beginning of this month, the Circle has added support for Monero and zcash for.

In an interview with CoinDesk Mayer said that “at the moment the company determines the adding of new coins,” but did not specify when and which cryptocurrency will be added to the application.