China has arrested 20 suspects in the case connected with a hidden mining cryptocurrency. According to the preliminary program of the attackers struck more than a million computers and illegally produced about 15 million yuan, or $2.2 million reported by the local edition of Legal Daily on Monday, July 9.

The hidden bitcoin mining or cryptogenic, the way illegal mining of cryptocurrencies that use the computing power of the devices without the knowledge and consent of their owners. Criminals hidden by the install program-miners. Sometimes install and did not need to add to site code a script that starts to perform web mining.

The investigation in China began in January of this year after the security service company Tencent, which developed WeChat messenger, warned the Bureau of public security of the urban district of Weifang, about the threat to the web miners, the hidden in free plugins. The program, operating on the principle of the Trojan is started when the CPU was loaded by less than 50%, and began to use the computing power of the computer.

Once it became known that the creators of the program moved to the city of Qingzhou, the local public security Bureau organized a special team to investigate the crime. Based on information received from a supposedly related person, arrested in March, the team took 16 people out of a company called Dalian Shengping Network Technology. This company was distributing a malware program using a free adware application. It downloaded a total of 2.89 million computers, more than a million of them, most likely, was used for covert mining. It is assumed that for two years malware has been extracted the cryptocurrency amounting to about $2.2 million.

Several suspects were detained in Heilongjiang province. They were connected to the network, though working for another company. While 11 people of the detainees released on bail.

Last month, McAfee Labs published the results of a study according to which the activity of hidden miners in the first quarter of 2018 grew by 629% compared to the previous period. And in may, specializing in cyber security company 360 Total Security May told about a new program for covert mining WinstarNssmMiner. For three days she hit the half a million personal computers and created 133 Monero (XMR).

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