CEO eToro trading platform, Asia Yoni (Yoni Assia) believes that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology should be given a chance instead of predicting a quick death, by analogy with the dot-com. He compared the selling of cryptocurrency with the sale of Apple stock in 2001 when the enterprise seemed too risky. All this CEO of eToro, said in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

To compare the fascination cryptocurrencies with such historical events as the Tulip mania in 1929 and the dot-com bubble at the end of XX – beginning of XXI century, people started immediately since the advent of bitcoins. Many still predict the cryptocurrency field collapse, and a confirmation for them was the recent sharp depreciation of bitcoin. Despite this, the industry continues to attract new investors.

In a recent interview, Asia also resorted to analogy with the dot-com bubble, but did not prophesy the cryptocurrency the same end. He agreed that 90% of all cryptocurrency startups end up nothing, but, nevertheless, they are promising and have a more solid Foundation than the dot coms.

The dot-com bubble called the phenomenon in the period from 1995 to 2000, when people actively invested in the company (.com), a business model which is completely based on the Internet and was not registered properly. Now by analogy with these business models create a blockchain startups: the organizers present new ideas for business Whitepaper, and then attract investors during the initial placement of coins (ICO). Such projects can raise millions of dollars, due to the fact that the investor could be anyone, and the minimum investment usually is not limited. For example, last year the browser based on the blockchain Brave collected to$ 35 million for a record 30 seconds.

Also during the interview, Assia compared cryptocurrency right now with the sale of Apple stock in 2001 when the company’s prospects seemed quite obscure. Recall that after Apple introduced the iPod and iBook from 2001 to 2005, its stock began to rise gradually in price.

Asia, stressed that everyone should decide for themselves to invest in bitcoin or not. However, he believes that the advantages of the blockchain, such as transparency of operations and the decentralization of actions can solve many problems in medicine, engineering and the electoral system.

Note that a similar development is already underway, moreover, they are the world’s largest company. So, today it became known that the world’s largest network of wholesale and retail trade Walmart patented the blockchain solution to obtain health data from wearable devices. And at the end of last year your own system of storing medical data in the blockchain has developed and the Finnish communications equipment manufacturer Nokia.

Not left side and the giants of the automotive industry: in may, BMW, Ford, Renault and General Motors joined blockchain-Mobi consortium, in which they plan to develop common standards blockchain solutions. Furthermore, it is known that BMW is working on a blockchain-based platform that tracks the mileage of a rented car.

Also last week, another major automobile company, Volkswagen, in cooperation with IOTA presented a working concept of an unmanned vehicle on the basis of the distributed registry Tangle.

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