The head of the mining startup Sky Mining was gone, along with $35 million investment clients. On Monday reported Newsweek.

Sky Mining is a Vietnamese company planned to provide rental services of equipment for mining. The rent was to vary from $100 to $5000 for a piece of equipment for a period of 15-18 months. It is reported that the startup has managed to raise money almost 5,000 people. Each investor promised that next year he will earn 300% of his investment. However, to check the calculations depositors will not succeed: when last Friday the company’s clients came to the office for his equipment for mining, it is found that all the rooms empty, and the head Sky Mining Le Minh There (Le Minh Tam), which controlled all assets of the company and mining operations, fled with investors ‘ money. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Later it issued a statement in which he told that he sold all the equipment to cover financial losses and the disappearance of his need to protect his own life. On Sunday he received another message: it is There promised that he would return. Meanwhile, Deputy head of Sky Mining Le Minh Chi (Le Minh Hieu) sure that the CEO stole all the money and left with them in the United States. He also said that he tried to create a temporary Board to lead a company, but closed it after receiving threats to its own address and the address of his family.

It is reported that some investors have already filed in court against the company.

Recall that in April was rocked by another major Scam involving Vietnamese companies Modern Tech. Its creators spent two ICO platforms iFan and Pincoin. The first platform was created to promote the celebrity, and the second was intended for investors, promising them a profit of up to 40% every month. Subsequently, the company’s founders ran away with the money of 32,000 investors. The amount of damage is approximately estimated at $660 million Immediately after this event, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (Nguyen Xuan Phuc) released a Directive on the strengthening of control activities associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In response to the request of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of justice of Viet Nam is developing a plan of legalizing digital currencies, which should be completed in August.

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