Ripple CEO brad Garlinghouse (Brad Garlinghouse) said that more than 90% of the cryptocurrency and token sooner or later out of circulation. His prognosis entrepreneur shared during an interview with the online edition of the Cheddar.

According to Garlinghouse, speculative trading puts the market at risk, raising the value of non-viable assets. He also added that the token XRP Ripple is superior to bitcoin in many ways. Arlinghaus stressed that when the speed of transaction processing, a thousand times superior to the frequency of creating blocks of Bitcoin, the fees for sending XRP is also 1000 times below:

“XRP demonstrated that it is the best asset for solving the problems [with treatment] payments.”

During the conversation the journalist Cheddar touched on the issue of centralization XRP. Disputes about excessive Ripple on the control token being more than a year. As before, Arlinghaus insisted on independence XRP:

“Whether concentrated control over XRP or not? [No,] is completely unambiguous decentralized asset. Even as CEO, I have no control over the registry. I can’t make changes to a transaction”.

Garlinghouse in addition, many experts and industry representatives believe that to invest in a cryptocurrency is pointless. During a speech at the conference Blockfesta in August, head of business strategy Blockstream MOU Samson (Samson Mow) explained that portfolio diversification in the case of cryptocurrency market is not working, but only on the contrary, leads to losses. According to the calculations of MOU, those who last year invested exclusively in BTC, made a profit of 54%, while income from portfolios with 16 cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization accounted for only 21%.

Then a discussion on the collapse of the cryptocurrency market have joined Xapo CEO Ted Rogers (Ted Rogers), stating that 90% of the assets from the rating CoinMarketCap will not take “altcineva Apocalypse”.

A more moderate forecast was made by chief commercial Director BitPay Sonny Singh (Sonny Singh). In his opinion, oldoini will remain, but next year their price will cease to grow.