Leading the second channel of China Central television (CCTV), the main public electronic media, stated that the economic value of blockchain technology is ten times the value of the Internet.

During the recording of the issue of the TV program “Dialogue” on the concept, potential and risks of blockchain technology, her master Chen Weihong (Chen Weihong), expressed the view that the blockchain is a second stage of development of the Internet, ten times more valuable than the platform’s predecessor. The discussion was attended by experts from the private and public sectors. Among them were including don Tapscott (Don Tapscott), co-author of the book “the Blockchain revolution”, CEO of cloud service, Xunlei Chen Lei (Chen Lei), and Professor at Stanford University and founder of the venture Capital company Danhua Zhang Shuchen (Shoucheng Zhang).

Zhang commented on the value of the blockchain:

“The real value of the Internet is the aggregation of individual information units in one place, as do Google and Facebook, but we stand on the threshold of a new era in which information decentralized in order for people to fully dispose of their personal data. And this is precisely the real value of the blockchain, which makes this technology amazing”.

At the same time, the invited speakers, was not without criticism of the nascent industry, including the practice of raising funds through ICO.

Citing the example of a typical marketing slogans potentially fraudulent ICO, speakers in turn gave their interpretation of each case, explaining to the TV audience what to look for when evaluating project sites.

Recall that from September 2017 in China, a ban on trading digital currencies and the financing of business through ICO. Because of the actions of the authorities, many Chinese startups and trading sites came into foreign markets with more lenient legal field.