One of the world’s largest retailers Carrefour introduces in its Spanish supply chain blockchain platform Food Trust to track food products.

Food Trust was developed by technology giant IBM, based on the network Hyperledger. Using system Carrefour is going to track the supply of chickens under the brand Calidad y Origen grown in the Northern part of Galicia in vivo and without the use of antibiotics. Each Packed chicken will be assigned a unique QR code that will record detailed information about its origin, date of birth, type of feeding and other data.

In its press release Carrefour noted that the blockchain is the key technology for supply chain management because it allows you to set full transparency for its members and for consumers. In the near future, the company plans to use blockchain solution in the supply and monitoring of all food commodities brand Calidad y Origen, which also includes vegetables, seafood and meat products. The supply of poultry using the blockchain Carrefour has already conducted previously in the beginning of the year, during testing of the system.

The idea to develop blockchain-IBM said back in 2016. After the start of the pilot phase in August 2017, the project was joined by a number of large companies, including Nestle SA, Unilever NV and Walmart.

It should be noted that Walmart, which manages the world’s largest network of wholesale and retail trade, has long been experimenting with the use of the blockchain in logistics. In September, the company said the need to introduce a system of Trust in Food delivery greens, and before that, in July, Walmart filed its own patent application system description control boxes for delivery to the blockchain.