The canadian research Program to promote technical research (Industrial Research Assistance Program, IRAP), funded by the government, launched its own browser to blockchain. This organization officially announced on August 20.

Blockchain browser is a special software that allows you to export the data of interest from the blockchain, to analyze separate blocks, transactions, smart contracts. Representatives of the Programme IRAP, administered by the National research Council of Canada, said that he had created such an app on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) Protocol and peer-to-peer network for data storage and sharing using a distributed registry. In addition, the development of blockchain-Explorer software was used Catena Blockchain Suite from the company BitAccess.

With the new IRAP tool is going to determine the potential public blockchain in the management of state grants. The application supports instant search of information on new grants that are stored in Ethereum. For the first time, plans to introduce the technology into the control system of financing innovation projects of small and medium enterprises of Canada, representatives of the Program announced back in June of last year.

We will remind, in the beginning of this year started a pilot version of the platform from IRAP to store information about public contracts. And it’s not the only step of the canadian government towards the development of technology. So, in early summer, the Organization for the investment industry regulation of Canada (IIROC) has gathered a working group on the introduction of the blockchain into the ecosystem of capital markets in the country. And in July, the Bank of Canada published a study showing that the fraud scheme double spending in the blockchain is impossible.