“Iron” mining company Canaan is not too well known, especially compared to popular companies such as Bitmain. But such companies periodically release something new and interesting. Canaan has presented its latest brainchild, ASIC called Moose, which produces 156 teruhisa when mining bitcoin (SHA256 algorithm).

In fact, the novelty is the 12 841 Avalon devices in one housing. Canaan took care of the power supply units and other things — buyers only need to plug network cable, power and configure the pool settings. However, the house on the balcony is a device to supply fail — Moose requires three-phase power, connects the two cables IEC 60309 16 Amp and consumes an incredible 15 to 480 Watts. The cost of new items is 9 $ 900.

Technical specifications Canaan Moose:

  • Hash rate: 156TH/s, -5% ~ +10%. Average: 163.2
  • Energy consumption: 15 480 W (at 25 degrees and the power supply 93% efficiency)
  • Voltage: 365 ~ 418В
  • Network: Ethernet
  • Operating temperature: -5°C—35°C
  • Dimensions: 890 x 450 x 725 mm
  • Net weight: 140 kg

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