The company Canaan Creative has released some new details about the new generation of “iron” bitcoin miner Avalon called the A9. It is reported that the novelty will be constructed on chips with 7 nm process technology and the performance of the miner is 30 terhesa the consumption of energy 1 720 Watts. This makes the new ASIC much more interesting than GMO B3 or Innosilicon Terminator 2 Turbo. Note that at the moment there is no information on the date of commencement of supply Canaan Avalon A9 and the price of the equipment.

The company also introduced a new TV with the option of mining bitcoins. Model LB4318 equipped with a matrix size of 43 inches and a resolution of 4K. The TV received chips for mining A3210 and can go up to 2.8 teruhisa per second with power consumption of 100 Watts on teraherz.