In a network there was new software for cryptocurrency mining on algorithms CryptoNight on AMD hardware. The new miner is called BXB-Miner and supports many variants of “kryptonite”. Also it comes with a graphical interface and supports mining coins with CPU.

BXB-Miner — it’s closed source and lacks built-in Board developer. Executables only for Windows. Despite the presence of a GUI, some settings have to be set in the configuration file.

As for performance, BXB-Miner performs very well compared to the alternatives. Note that the program is in early beta and will continue to be updated.

A list of supported algorithms:

  • Cryptonight
  • Cryptonight v7
  • Cryptonight-Heavy (Bixbite, Sumocoin)
  • New Stellite
  • New Haven
  • IPBC, Alloy
  • Cryptonight Lite
  • Cryptonight Lite v7

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