Goldman Sachs Group is no longer planning to open the platform for cryptocurrency trading. Reported by Business Insider, citing sources familiar with the situation.We will remind, about the Bank’s intentions to create a crypto unit by the end of June 2018, it became known in December of last year — then wrote about this for Bloomberg, noting that Goldman Sachs could become the “first major company on wall Street, working with cryptocurrency”.

According to sources, Business Insider, the Bank has suspended work on the project in the absence of clear regulation of the industry. One of interlocutors of the edition explained: “it will take a lot of steps before adjustable the Bank will have the right to trade in digital assets, most of which is outside the scope of his control.”

“At this stage we have not come to a conclusion as to the scope of our proposals in the sphere of digital assets,” said Reuters a spokesman for the investment Bank Michael Duvally (Michael DuVally).

However, according to Business Insider, the Bank is not going to completely abandon the cryptocurrency trading, preferring to focus on custodial products storage scriptaction large customers, which in turn will allow you to carefully track the cost of digital currencies.

In may, the Bank officer Rana Yared (Rana Yared) said: at the Bank “came to the conclusion that bitcoin is not a fraud,” and support the view clients who believe bitcoin and futures on bitcoin “by alternating store of value”. That Goldman Sachs needs to “adapt to the current conditions,” said and chief operating officer of the Bank, David Solomon (David Solomon). It seemed that the company has officially announced its plans to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

All the other top figures of the investment giant has maintained a skeptical attitude. In particular, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein (Lloyd Blankfein) said in an interview that trade bitcoin is not for him, promising to think about working with a leading digital currency when it becomes more liquid.