Loyalty points, tickets to a concert, in-game items and more can be turned into tokens using a new Protocol called Tari, based on the Monero network.

“This new Protocol for digital assets will help to support the so-called indivisible tokens with unique properties, such as tickets with information on the ownership” — said the co-founder of Tari, a business angel Navin Jane (Naveen Jain).

During the interview, Jane said that with him in co-founding team also includes Dan Terry (Dan Teree), establish a network Ticketfly and Monero lead developer of Spanyi Riccardo (Riccardo Spagni), better known as fluffypony.

It should be noted that Spanyi skeptical of adding cryptocurrency to any project without analysis, but believes that in the case of Tari its own token makes sense to encourage people to support this network.

The Protocol Tari has a multitude of uses to support a variety of digital assets. For example, with the help of the issuers of digital assets can go on the secondary market and to resell.

The technology of the blockchain, according to Teri, can solve the problem of “economic leakage”, when all proceeds from the resale of virtual goods do not get their original “owners”, such as artists, sports teams, promoters, events, etc., as intermediaries.

Navin Jane said that in his view the protocols for specific use cases can be more useful than the generic.

“I think the difference between our token that we are maniacally focused on its practical application. We are not trying to create a competitor to Ethereum,” added Jane.