Brave Software, the developer of the web browser with increased privacy and crypto functions, launches pilot phase of the program rewards users for watching “opt-in” advertising.

As previously announced, the web browser of the Creator of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla Brendan Eicha (Brendan Eich) will have the option of viewing ads confirmed advertisers in exchange for Basic token Attention Token (BAT). According to the company, when the system will be launched and will be available to all users, therefore, will be distributed 70% of its revenue from advertising.

So, the final version of the product will allow users to choose to completely block ads or earn tokens. In turn, the BAT is positioned as a “utility-token, based on the technology of Ethereum, which also can be used as a settlement unit between advertisers and publishers”, and automatically converted into Fiat currency through the service Uphold.

It should be noted, according to the company concept, we are talking about ads, not tracking user actions and not disclosing information to third parties: browser, which is actively used by 2.7 million people per month, blocks ads by default.

According to the developers, the current business model in advertising “uses the user” and, in fact, “undermined the confidence” to industry and affected the profits of publishers and content creators.

“We believe that the data and the user’s attention represent a significant value if they are carefully protected on user devices, this transparent approach Brave to advertising and Basic Attention Token will provide users of justice,” the site says Brave.

The advertising program involves users from viewing certain posts several times a day. The experimental phase includes only 250 of the ads, however, are expected to increase as the number of ads and number of participants. The application form for participation in the pilot program can be left on the official forum.

Note, however, that the activity of users and their logs in the pilot phase will be analyzed by specialists of the Brave: it is obvious that the program is not suitable for those who expect complete privacy.

Recall, Brave Software announced that its browser has a number of advantages in comparison with competitors in speed and confidentiality. According to information provided on the company website, the browser loads pages two times faster than others on a personal computer, and 8 times faster on a smartphone, largely because of built-in function for blocking ads.

Tokens BAT was originally distributed via ICO, in which it collected $35 million. in addition, last November, users can use tokens to promote your favorite videoblogger, and in April was launched a referral program is addressed to creators of Internet content.

In April, Brave Software has also announced a partnership with Dow Jones Media Group, which includes “access premium content” subsidiaries of Dow Jones for “a limited number of users who have downloaded the browser Brave”.

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