Today, service trade, digital assets, Crypto Facilities has announced the launch of futures contracts on Ethereum. According to representatives of the startup, is the first futures on bitcoin-based blockchain Еthereum, which will be traded on an adjustable platform.

Investors can take long or short positions that, in the opinion of Crypto Facilities, will allow them “to expand investment opportunities and more effectively manage risk”.

The company had previously offered futures contracts on Bitcoin and XRP. In his statement, the Executive Director of the Crypto Facilities Slifer Timo (Timo Schlaefer) stressed that the ether is the second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, with a daily trade volume of several billion dollars.

“We’re excited to launch ETH futures. The Ethereum network — leading a blockchain for smart contracts. We are convinced that this new shopping tool will attract more investors and bring significant liquidity to the market”, — he added.

The provision of liquidity will be engaged Akuna Capital, and B2C2. The head of the Akuma on digital assets Toby Allen (Тoby Allen) said:

“We look forward to when this much needed product will fill a gap in the market. This [the establishment of futures Ethereum] another giant leap in the development of cryptocurrency assets.”

Agreed with him the founder B2c2 Bunin Max (Max Boonen), who called this innovation the “next natural step” for the Ethereum token.

“The continued evolution and commercialization that we see in Ethereum, will further increase the liquidity in the market, allowing participants to seamlessly share assets and to maximize profit,” said Boonen.

However, their optimism is not shared by all. So a few days ago was published the results of a study by the Federal reserve Bank (FRB) of San Francisco, which confirm that the beginning of futures trading has become one of the reasons for the decline in the exchange rate of bitcoin.