Brisbane airport, the third passenger airport Australia, begins accepting cryptocurrency in all terminals.

In January this year on the official website of the airport there was a message stating that the Brisbane Airport Corporations (BAC) together with the Australian payment provider Travelbybit is working to ensure that each of the hundreds of different retail outlets located within the transfer area, were introduced the option of payment via Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and other digital currencies.

29 may a leading YouTube channel Nugget’s News Australia named Alex, visited the Brisbane Airport, to see the details of innovations. The BAC representative explained to him that although the first bitcoin cryptologie and a little frightened company as something unfamiliar and not very intuitive, but the airport decided to take this experimental step to expand the range of payment for their passengers.

“In addition, we support local talented startups and helping our retailers to get acquainted with this wonderful new world of cryptocurrency,” he told Alex.

CEO Travelbybit Joch Caleb (Caleb Yeoh) explained that users can track the transaction through the company’s website, because the blockchain is able to do the payment transaction and the entire global Commerce more efficient and transparent.

“Now our system is tested tourists from around the world, and I think that the sellers are happy about this — they tell us that a new option draws buyers”.

It should be noted that Brisbane Airport may be the starting point for travelers who prefer to pay with digital currency because TravelbyBit created all over the Brisbane, a network of sellers, who accept cryptocurrencies.

So the locals have nicknamed the suburbs of Brisbane, Fortitude valley, “Cryptocoryne”, due to the fact that more than 20 outlets in the area — from hotels to restaurants to accept payment via capabality.

“Whenever you travel abroad, you have to deal with multiple currencies, and you never know what kind of Commission the banks will charge you for sharing. TravelbyBit promotes the idea of travel using the digital currency. Because it is simple, safe and not have to pay any Bank charges,” quoted J the BAC website.