A widely publicized partnership that would lead to the emergence of the Kodak brand in a series of bitcoin miners, ended in complete failure.

At the beginning of the year at the technology fair CES, held in Las Vegas, was presented ASIC miner called Kodak KashMiner, looks very similar to S9 Antminer from Bitmain Chinese giant.

According to the information provided in leaflets distributed at the event, the license to use the name of the device name of a famous company received Spotlite Energy Systems based in California. It was assumed that customers will be able to take the miners to rent, paying Spotlite part of the proceeds.

During the presentation of the product sounded optimistic forecast, according to which Kodak KashMiner had to bring in a profit of $9000 over 2 years.

Critics immediately accused Kodak to use KashMiner for a short-term increase in the value of shares, calling it a “fraud” because the promised benefits are unattainable and misleading.

However, CEO of Spotlite khal’ston Mikail (Halston Mikail) has assured that plans to install hundreds of devices in the headquarters of Kodak in new York to take advantage of the cheap electricity obtained from local power plants. According to him, 80 devices were already put into operation.

And these days the Kodak representative unexpectedly announced that Spotlite was never officially licensed, and none of its devices were installed on-site by Kodak.

After the statement Mikail admitted that in fact the project was never implemented. In an interview with the BBC, he said that the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA actually prohibited the rental Kodak KashMiners, so now Spotlite focus on their own mining.

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