“Let’s be clear here: Ripple XRP is different from,” said brad Garlinghouse (Brad Garlinghouse), CEO of a startup, Ripple, during the conference Future of Fintech.

Garlinghouse began his speech with, opposed arguments, calling the cryptocurrency XRP security because of its close Association with Ripple.

Recall that at the moment against the company of San Francisco extended from two lawsuits by investors accusing the company to trade unregistered securities.

New urgency to the question of the status of XRP highlighted the fact that representatives of the SEC recently stated that bitcoin and ether should not be defined as securities.

However, despite the fact that officials do not hurry with the classification of the token Ripple, at the last conference Garlinghouse cited several arguments in favor of their position:

“There are three reasons why XRP is not a security. First, if tomorrow the Ripple, as the company will cease to exist, then the XRP ledger will still continue to function. Secondly, it is a decentralized technology, open source. Third, if you buy the XRP, it does not mean that you become the owner of shares in Ripple — XRP purchase does not give you shares in Ripple”.

Later in his speech he said that though he owns bitcoins, but do not agree with the definition of SEC, since it is not clear how decentralized BTC.

According to Garlinghouse, more than half of the bitcoin hash rate yet control three miner from China. Theoretically, the government might interfere in their work and thereby obtain some form of control over the leading cryptocurrency.

But the control of his token, Arlinghaus denies:

“I don’t think our possession XRP gives us control over it. Saudi Arabia has plenty of oil, but it does not give them control over oil.”

It is worth noting that yesterday, the CEO of Ripple also managed to give an interview to Fortune in which he expressed the opinion that the largest crypto currency exchange Coinbase should be interested in listing XRP. However, while Ripple the cryptocurrency is currently third in terms of capitalization, it looks like the exchange has decided to wait until regulators clarify the status of XRP, and only then consider posting it on their platforms.

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