Ripple CEO brad Garlinghouse (Brad Garlinghouse) has shared his Outlook on the future of XRP with the correspondent of CNBC. According to the businessman, to the end of this year all major banks will use XRP, and in 2019, the number of financial institutions in the network RippleNet will increase many times:

“I have already publicly expressed their position before the end of this year all the major banks will use xRapid as a tool of liquidity… But in the next year, I hope we see dozens of new companies participating in RippleNet”.

He added that he does not know what will happen to the value of XRP, stressing that Ripple is just one component in the ecosystem of the token. How intensively will develop this ecosystem depends on community input XRP in the usefulness of the asset.

It is the usefulness that considers Arlinghaus, plays a decisive role for the value of any cryptocurrency or token. In his opinion, due to the lack of applied use and future ICO licenzirovanie projects is rather vague, and he treats them with skepticism.

Answering the question about the place of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry, Arlinghaus expressed confidence in BTC as investment and the role it will play in the market — but with some reservations:

“I just publicly stated his firm intention to remain “long” position BTC, I think bitcoin will have its role, but not the panacea for different kinds of problems which its believed. The BTC blockchain is quite slow, and in fact initially it was thought that he could solve the problem of payments… I think bitcoin savings tool. Look, we, the world community decided to create and keep the value at $130 billion — I do not remember what the current capitalization, is a savings tool, and it is difficult to argue”.

Despite the interest of the community and traders in this interview not discussed the upcoming hearing in the case of Ripple on the status of XRP, but today it became known that the company’s interests in court will be represented former Chairman and head of Supervisory division of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA.