IoT-a division of one of the largest manufacturers in the field of industrial technology Bosch has introduced a new Connectivity solution for smart devices that uses cryptocurrency IOTA.

Many large tech companies to support cryptocurrency projects. For example, Stellar is used to implement various software solutions IBM, Ripple has banking partners, Bosch is active in helping IOTA. This collaboration due to a shared conceptual interests. The idea of cryptocurrency IOTA is to create a convenient and reliable means of payment for devices of the Internet of things (IoT, Internet of Things). Bosch also interested in this area because of the specificity of production, focusing on industrial and consumer goods.

In a blog on the official website of the Bosch Connectivity showed a new device called the Bosch XDK (Cross Development Kit Domain). Using a variety of open protocols, it will allow smart devices to collect and transmit encrypted data in exchange for tokens IOTA. Also, the Bosch Connectivity announced the release of the device for programmers — XDK2MAM. It is a software open source to convert the XDK into a versatile single Board computer like the Raspberry Pi.

“IOTA marketplace is a decentralized platform for data dissemination, where each stakeholder can access,” reads the company blog. — “Today the data is mainly in control of several entities, which are unavailable to the masses. As a result, not everyone has the opportunity to develop any solutions.”

Recall that in November last year Bosch for the first time joined the IOTA Foundation platform for buying and selling data from the IoT devices. In turn IOTA constantly finds new major partners in various fields. For example, in June, the startup, together with Volkswagen, introduced the concept of an unmanned vehicle using a system of Tangle. And in April, the Dutch company ElaadNL presented a charging station for electric vehicles based on the technology Tangle.