Japanese IT giant Fujitsu announced that it has launched a system-based storage of the blockchain, which will allow the retailers to turn reward points for customers in the tokens.

Usually get different coupons, bonuses and reward points on promotional events. Usually they’re held in malls and tourist areas, where the coupons from one shop can be used for purchases in another. According to a press release from Fujitsu, their new system is integrated with such promotions and tokensecret points and coupons. Thus, the blockchain platform processes and stores all transactions made by customers. This reduces the workload of traditional data centers and allows for more qualitative analyses.

As stated by Fujitsu, the main goal of this project is to reinvigorate the regional economy. This will be done if the system will become widespread among the urban communities, and the tokens are constantly moving amongst the local shops, restaurants and tourist facilities.

During the system design Fujitsu has conducted numerous field trials using blockchain technology in partnership with various organizations, including railroad, telecommunications companies and shops. For example, in March the new system was tested in one of the branches of chain stores FamilyMart in Taiwan, where he managed transactions and storing digital loyalty points.

It is worth noting that the Motorola not new in the field of blockchain. They have already participated in pilot tests of the system of remittances with the help of technology and even introduced their own similar platform for secure information sharing. And before that a research center has created a program that detects vulnerability of the source code and notify the developer. Now, Fujitsu is engaged in research on blockchain technology in a newly opened innovation centre in Brussels.