The famous Explorer of the blockchain from Cornell University Emin gun Sirer (Emin Gün Sirer) believe that the vulnerability of the blockchain EOS will cause “massive attack” on the cryptocurrency exchange, which will occur over the “next calendar year”.

Recall that the blockchain EOS was launched last week, which was preceded by a delay, bug fixes in the test network and the fierce competition of two teams. However, we are talking about the project, in the course of krautsalat which has raised more than $4 billion.

Emin gun Sirer turned to Twitter to Express their opinion on the new blockchain: from his point of view, to a major hacking sooner or later lead to the vulnerability in the codebase, which, however, has not yet made itself felt.

“I am convinced that within the next year there will be a large-scale attack on the stock exchange due to issues in the EOS. This exchange will lose your hot wallet,” wrote gun Sirer.

The researcher explained that his forecast is not based on a specific detected vulnerabilities: gun Sirer believes that such problems are guaranteed, given how the developers “to cope with the critical security errors”.

According to the researcher, “if EOS will use their referees to stop the attack, the chain reaction will go on” that will lead to the emergence of class-action lawsuits against the company “with the involvement of developers and manufacturers of power”.

“The exchange has not yet understood that the management model EOS not very well with other cryptocurrencies,” — said the researcher.

As you know, on Saturday blockchain EOS had been blocked for several hours due to a detected bug that occurred less than 48 hours after activation of the blockchain. The developers quickly corrected the mistake, however, from the point of view of the researcher, the lack of proper analysis and its lighting does not look good for team EOS.

“You can’t come to correct the work, endlessly patching holes. As you can’t start with bricks, beams and trosow over the water, patch up the holes through which cars fall into the ocean, and the result is a bearing bridge,” — said the gun Sirer.

In conclusion, he warned users against storing all coin directly on cryptocurrency exchanges, because the consequences of the scenario he described will be serious for all traders — not just the owners of the EOS.

According to the researcher, each time after the removal of bugs it is necessary to require from the developers carry out a thorough analysis and provide comprehensive information describing “not only the patch to fix, but first and foremost the changes made for the study that led to the emergence of bug”.

Note, the company working on the project the EOS, have not yet given their comments.

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