Serial drama about the preparation of the starting fifth in the total capitalization of the distributed network finally ended, and the blockchain EOS began to work. It happened yesterday, 20:46 GMT, after a minimum threshold of 15% of the vote of the holders of the token has been overcome.

Despite past hiccups, was obtained 150 million votes needed to define individuals or entities that will support the blockchain.

Recall that this event was preceded by a week of discussions and testing candidates-blocks manufacturers from around the world — competing groups, competing for one of 21 places of validators that will receive a reward for verifying transactions.

Initial launch of the blockchain, scheduled for June 2, was postponed for a number of reasons, during the testing phase was discovered several serious vulnerabilities that forced the competitors to literally fight for something that was eventually chosen their testnet version.

However, holders of tokens, not hurrying to vote including for emerging security challenges, ultimately made his choice, and the circuit can become active. Immediately after starting tokens were traded at a price of $of 10.45, and at the time of publication the cost was already $of 10.98 per unit.

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