Qiwi Blockchain Technologies (QBT), a subsidiary of the Russian operator of electronic payments Qiwi, runs a program of motivation of employees on the basis of a token that is tied to profits.

The company, founded in March of 2017, performs the functions of the blockchain-division Qiwi, developing their own blockchain decisions, and also advises third parties on a wide range of issues related to technology and emissions cryptotoken.

As stated in an interview to Coindesk, Director of corporate relations Qiwi and partner in QBT Konstantin Koltsov, the rewards program will be allocated more than 50% of the net profits of the company, and the cost per token will be 0.001% of the amount of net profit. It is planned that the system will be launched in 3-4 quarter of this year.

It is noteworthy that in fact it is to be issued not even one token, and two: to allocate “reward” tokens between employees, want to use “voting” tokens. As reported, the heads of divisions will receive a different amount of voting tokens according to the position occupied in the company, and then you can use them to make decisions on distribution of bonus tokens among their employees.

In the future, voting tokens will be provided to all employees QBT that will determine the ability of each to vote on management decisions, e.g. hiring and dismissal. Tokens will be used by specialists and to evaluate the performance of their colleagues, allowing you to reward the best a large number of “coins”.

It should be noted, QBT is until a few dozen people, however, according to Koltsov, by the middle of next year the number of employees should be increased to 100. Sure: licenzirovanie model should be more effective than the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are used by many corporations.

The only problem is that due to the lack of regulation of cryptocurrency sphere in Russia tokens cannot be converted into Fiat currency — rubles. However, while the situation has not changed, have they still will benefit: holders of premium tokens will be able to receive quarterly bonuses in the amount proportional to their number.

The system, which in QBT plan to patent, and to invite other organizations in the quality of the finished product in corporate management, based on the standard Ethereum-721, however, is built on the Russian platform “Mastercam”. According to Konstantin Koltsov, the choice is largely due to its convenience for domestic companies, some of which are already familiar with it.

“Many other public network in this area is less predictable because there is a direction, making decisions and establishing rules of the game”, — said Koltsov.

We will remind, “Mastercam”, source code of which is soon to be open, was developed by the banking Association to “FINTECH” — its members are leading Russian banks and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Qiwi is also among the participants, moreover, the head of the company Sergey Solonin has held the post of the General Director of the Association.

In turn, the “daughter” Qiwi QBT is a member of the consortium and the Ethereum R3 Enterprise Alliance (EEA). One of the major projects that are currently working in the company – the launch of the first Russian criptionveterinary Bank HASH.

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