According to The Block, the company-developer of the cryptocurrency wallet launched a platform for peer-to-peer OTC trading digital currencies. On this edition of said source familiar with the situation.

The main reason for the open platform — preventive activity vantage point before the next massive rise in the market. According to the source, The Block, the company aims to aggressive competition in a busy niche and does not claim to leadership positions. Site management will implement a former trader assets fixed income OTC service DRW Vince McKee (Vince Machi) and institutional broker Jamie Selway (Selway Jamie). Joined at the beginning of August.

Service OTC Blockchain com is part of the complex solutions for institutional investors. In addition, the complex includes custodial and other services to facilitate trading for traditional companies and businesses with insufficient trading experience on capabality exchanges.

Representatives has not commented on the leak in the official blog provider there is no any confirmation or refutation of the launch platform. Relevant information and not on the website Blockchain Principal Strategies (BPS) — product for institutional investors, which presumably is the OTC marketplace. was founded in 2011. The number of clients of the provider exceeds 28 million, according to the latest data, the turnover of funds among purses exceeded $200 billion.

Today’s OTC market has a high density and level of competition. So, these services provide and DV DRW Trading and crypto currency exchange Kraken and itBit. In June it became known that eToro is planning to launch a similar product in London.