The company that manages digital assets, Asset Management Bitwise has updated its cryptocurrency index 20 Mid Cap Index of Crypto and was surprised by the cryptocurrency community.

Bitwise is known primarily as the company that created the world’s first cryptocurrency index Fund. In addition, her name is popular in cryptosuite, thanks to a partnership with Morgan Creek Digital Assets.

Crypto 20 Mid Cap Index consists of the 20 leading alithinou on the market. After the update the largest share — 15,37% — of the index basket was owned by a cryptocurrency Tron (TRX), currently occupying tenth place in the overall ranking of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Behind her in the index followed by NEM from 11.58%, IOTA from 11.45%, Ethereum Classic from 9.66% and NEO from 5.48%. The basket also includes Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Tezos Gold.

The largest in terms of total value of cryptocurrencies on the market included in the index Bitwise Crypto 10 Large Cap Index. 66,38% of the basket is bitcoin (BTC), 13,64% of the XRP and 9,40% — Ethereum. The rest of 10.58% split between currencies Stellar, EOS, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Dash and zcash for.

Update 20 Mid Cap Index Crypto’ve met a lot of criticism from the crypto community. So the founder of The Mike Block Dudas (Mike Dudas) stated that he “wants to cry” when he looks at the five largest assets in Bitwise Invest 20. And one of the researchers alithinou Aditya Das (Aditya Das) spoke as follows:

“I’m completely blown away by this… There are Bitcoin Gold and Lisk, but most of the basket is TRX? Even the bravest trader alithinou do not want to buy this portfolio.”

Also a surprise to the community caused by the presence in the index Bitwise Dogecoin. One Twitter user called the very funny the fact that 1/20 of the basket belongs to this cryptocurrency.

While the causes of Bitwise decision to make the index in this way is unknown.

Recall that in October there is a new token BIT10, index-linked Bitwise 10. It provides support Abra app, where investors can buy a token at a minimum price of $5.