Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex announced the launch of the international digital trading platform for qualified customers, which will be based in Malta.

During the development of the concept of the platform was given the name Bittrex Malta, but was then renamed the International Bittrex. The service will speed up the process of listing a new token by simplifying the approval process.

“Improved process of listing tokens combined with our reliable, secure and progressive technology to create trading platforms will allow as quickly as possible to provide our international partners and clients access the latest, most innovative blockchain projects. And, because we believe that the most important thing for the team that produces tokens is to develop their technology and business, putting in a lot of time and money, Bittrex International, as well as will not charge a fee for listing tokens”, — commented the head Bittrex bill Shihara (Bill Shihara).

In a press release the company said that the approval process token on a new platform will take several weeks, instead of months as is usual. Standard procedure for the initial consideration on Bittrex will remain unchanged: experts will continue to hold authentication tokens and quality.

The launch platform for the accelerated listing procedure was initiated Bittrex in order to attract more young startups producing its own tokens. So, the exchange hopes to gain a competitive advantage in the market, which regularly appear on new sites. All projects wishing to place their tokens on Bittrex International, will have to be tested for compliance with the requirements of the Law on the virtual financial assets of Malta. If this test passed in advance, even before the actual launch of the project, the tokens can be placed on the stock exchange immediately after the activation of the blockchain.

Users of Bittrex in the United States and will not have access to the international market. But customers from other countries will be able to access the new site using information from their accounts on However, they will need to confirm their acceptance of the new terms and conditions of service.

Activities Bittrex International will be governed by the regulations of the European Union and the Maltese government, including the aforementioned Law on virtual financial assets.

About doing business in Malta think many cryptocurrency exchanges besides Bittrex. The fact that in summer the Republic received the status of a first state current full set of laws on distributed registries, creating a favorable legal environment for companies operating with bloccano. Before anyone on the transfer of business in Malta announced a major stock exchange of Hong Kong Binance.