Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has officially confirmed the fact of transferring more business NXMH — venture subsidiary of South Korean conglomerate NXC. The signing of these documents took place on Thursday, October 25. Full list of conditions and the transaction amount is unknown.

Writes CoinDesk, CEO of the exchange Naic Kodric (Nejc Kodrič) will remain minority shareholder and will continue to guide the work of Bitstamp. Its share of 6% will also maintain the Fund Pantera Capital to Finance a startup.

Kodric said that in the foreseeable future a change in shareholders does not affect the exchange, and that Bitstamp is going to stick to the plan development. He also said that the leadership NXMH fully shares the objectives of the platform:

“We quickly realized that our vision of kriptonyte largely agree with their perspective. They assured us that our work will continue its course […] They understand the industry.”

In particular, in the near future Bitstamp plans to improve the usability interface for users and service quality and to enhance trading functionality and stabilize the portfolio. The last paragraph of Cedric declared a priority for the exchange activity. Earlier in October, users of Reddit noticed that the prices of BTC on Bitstamp was changed to 28% within a few minut; according to Godrich, it was the result of a faulty trading algorithm, one of the clients of the exchange:

“It was a client error that cost this person money. In the planned changes concerning the technical aspects, we eliminate the cause of the problem.”

Investment Manager NXMH GIS Hendrik (Hendrik Ghys) appreciated position in the industry Bitstamp:

“Bitstamp is one of the oldest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges, and we see great potential in it, given further development of the industry […] Buying Bitstamp is a strategic, long-term investment”.

Despite the fact that Bitstamp, according to Godrich, has implemented the identification procedure for traders before it became an accepted standard, the exchange still has repeatedly been tested. So, in April, Bitstamp was among the sites that fall under the investigation of the former attorney General of new York Eric Schneiderman (Eric Schneiderman).